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In preparing for the college entrance examination, we should not only spell whose method is good, but also spell who makes fewer mistakes.
The more time you spend on your studies, the better your grades will be.
This is usually the biggest misunderstanding that candidates are apt to fall into, and guaranteeing study time does not necessarily guarantee performance. Effective learning does not depend on how long it takes, but on how much it really learns. Many junior high school candidates often stay up until the early morning, but at that time, the brain is in the stage of excessive fatigue, and it can be imagined that the efficiency will not be too high. Knowing the combination of work and leisure, timely rest and exercise is the wise man, but also a sign of whether we can get out of the sea.
Everything goes well when the teacher understands what he is saying.
Teachers in the classroom talked about the topic, the exam is likely to appear similar, but the conditions slightly changed, many candidates will not. Just like many questions in college entrance examination, candidates may feel familiar, but they may not get high marks. The problem lies in the teacher's teaching, and the candidates are passive acceptance when they listen to the lecture. They do not have their own active thinking, but they do not know why. So they seem to understand, but they will not meet new problems and situations.
Ask questions only to find a sense of achievement for the answer.
Some candidates get the right answers when they do the questions, and then they end up without reflection, induction, summary, and inversion. They excessively pursue the results without paying attention to the thinking process of problem solving. In fact, it is a good way to learn to organize and display the thinking process. Candidates should learn to use slow camera to show the key points of thinking, learn to magnify the details of thinking with a magnifying glass. Usually when reviewing, we should spend more time "feeling" in these places, and gradually use thinking methods to form habits, in order to achieve the desired review effect.
The more questions you do, the better grades you get.
Many candidates subconsciously think that they do more questions, but in fact they do not. Reflecting on this, how many questions do senior three candidates have to do in a year? And how many questions are done in vain? Therefore, candidates should learn to abandon. For most candidates, biased, difficult and strange questions should be abandoned decisively, and attention should be paid to the quality rather than quantity of the questions.
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